A start but not a finish

So whats happening in my Life.Well at present lots seem to be happening, and its hard to decide where to start so i’l just list stuff and maybe go into at another time.

– Working Lotsa hours of the day at 2 jobs
– Enjoying faster internet access
– Enjoying meditaion at uni – helps me to relax during stressful days.
– Learning about Reiki
– Learning about other Spiritual beliefs
– Learning about Worship in a Church group
– Enjoying friendships
– Learning to manage some of my money

Basically Lots of learning at the moment, but it seems nice and fun at present and the weekends when I see the girlfriend which is great – great times then

oh well… i’ll leave it there and opefully keep this up to date even if it is just with random ramblings or stuff no-one is particularly interested in.

If you want to read it – you can – feel free to post comments.