History, Future?

My Past year, what have I done: I’m still in the same job i’ve been in for years with little looking to where to go elsewhere. I’m not saying I don’t like my job, but I don’t think its what I want to be doing all my life.

I have however made loads of new friends, connected again with lost friends, seen several be married and some have children.

I ran for election – Local ones, standing for the area I live in because I knew of ways that could help the people. I came third out of six with 498 votes for me. It was hard work but rewarding too. I learned many things including people are willing to talk and want help, I can help others and enjoy it; Polotics when done right is helping others; Most people want to do things but often dont know ehere to start; Among other things 🙂

I as one person can make a difference, if we want to see something happen we need to go out and do it, get others involved and go for it.

People – Are we all Drifting away?

While standing at the side of a building I look around, I look towards people and they look away. Could I say anything to those people – what would I talk about, how do we staty a community with people in the real world.

A community centre – What is it used for? Is it open to the community? for general use or is it just clubs/societies that run here instead?

I would like to see it as an open place where anyone can come together, chat, have a drink.. On another note, i’d like to do a bible study group where people can come and discuss stuff together. I’ve been in church groups that do it and Christian Union groups as a student but never in the actual communities we call home.

I don’t know if it’ll happen, but would like to see it – Not sure how to procede yet… Should be interesting.

People – Who are we?

What do we see when we look at people? Is it their Job, their actions or how they look. What defines a person and how is it an alone thing. We are all different and I thank God that we are.

Today I’ve had a day out of my normal life to view the past year and whats around me. I can’t say that i’ve worked much out but have noticed a few things that has been nice. I came to wander and watch as everyone is crowded together yet seeking to be with others, on telephones, in a book, in journal writtings or just looking away from people to inner worlds.

We need community back and all or so many seem to want it, otherwise why would sites such as MySpace, and Facebook thrive so well. We want our friends around us – So how can we do this.

If its Going to, it probably will

Where to start, what to say… People say that the time people post most on here is when their not really happy – kinda trying to express themselves in some way – I generally post when I’m happy and with only a few posts so far thats not looking too great for my attitude in life much.

Anyhow today has felt like “If something can go wrong, it probably will go wrong unless you really expect it to go wrong then it may go right instead” – kinda odd to explain.

From the mobile phone being catapulted across the room and unable to turn off the ever increasing alarm, to the car not starting and people insisting on busy roads to do less than 30 in a 60 zone and people cutting in on roads – its just been a hectic day.

I keep missing everyone online, either they are going for dinner or bed [ok, after midnight but it is a weekend now] and instead of chatting I’m posting on Live Journal. Whatever I tried to do and expected to work has just gone wrong and other stuff that I expected to go wrong didn’t so and seemed to throw me off too so very little work done today besides trying to sort stuff.

I got my Wii back from a friend that borrowed it – pitty all the games are still round his place, Its half here now – its got to be a start.

I’m glad the day is now over and sleep is kinda calling. I’m hoping the weekend will be more fruitful and very enjoyable.

No idea what to do yet – kinda thinking about going to a park and just kinda chilling and feeling life around me… What to do… I don’t know.. Any ideas?

Our God is an Amazing God

Our God is an Amazing God and I wish I knew how to explin it to you all.

I can say what i’ve seen and felt but I don’t think it really explains it all without you too experiencing and feeling it too.

Ask me questions – maybe i’ll be able to answer them, then again maybe not but I will try.

Another point: I want to see a prayer and worship group in my local community – like in the community centre I live 10 minutes walk from.

And more stuff for people in 20’s to 40’s – everything seems aimed at the “young” people and nothing for when they get over it into our age. I would love for a place to meet others like me, chat, and worship God together thats not just in a church building.

Anyhow – more comments will come soon

A week of Magnificence

After a week of magnificence – it all seems to end. A time to rest, or a time to reflect and realise – was it all real – did it really happen – Was I actually happy and what now?

Over the past few weeks, I made a lot of new friends, and met back up with a lot of old ones. I met with God, in a way that I’ve not in months to years and seen people changed for the better – a new light appear within where before they were just searching.

Now, it feels so quiet – no one around whereas last week there were so many. Its so alone, and it feels very wrong. Why is it that we are happier when surrounded by friends? and not just people.

Maybe I should write more here, i’ll just wait and see – no-one probably reads it anyhow… It was 129 weeks since my last entry – I was suprised my account was still live.