A week of Magnificence

After a week of magnificence – it all seems to end. A time to rest, or a time to reflect and realise – was it all real – did it really happen – Was I actually happy and what now?

Over the past few weeks, I made a lot of new friends, and met back up with a lot of old ones. I met with God, in a way that I’ve not in months to years and seen people changed for the better – a new light appear within where before they were just searching.

Now, it feels so quiet – no one around whereas last week there were so many. Its so alone, and it feels very wrong. Why is it that we are happier when surrounded by friends? and not just people.

Maybe I should write more here, i’ll just wait and see – no-one probably reads it anyhow… It was 129 weeks since my last entry – I was suprised my account was still live.