History, Future?

My Past year, what have I done: I’m still in the same job i’ve been in for years with little looking to where to go elsewhere. I’m not saying I don’t like my job, but I don’t think its what I want to be doing all my life.

I have however made loads of new friends, connected again with lost friends, seen several be married and some have children.

I ran for election – Local ones, standing for the area I live in because I knew of ways that could help the people. I came third out of six with 498 votes for me. It was hard work but rewarding too. I learned many things including people are willing to talk and want help, I can help others and enjoy it; Polotics when done right is helping others; Most people want to do things but often dont know ehere to start; Among other things 🙂

I as one person can make a difference, if we want to see something happen we need to go out and do it, get others involved and go for it.