My Weekend – Stressed Contentment

Saturday for no reason I can find I felt totally stressed out, like there was so much that needed to have been done and there was no possable way to do it all – worst thing is that I didn’t know what was to be done Just that it needed to be done.

I had a day of somehow feeling anziety and stress followed by total mellow and get on with stuff and sorted all my works accounts I was responsable for, and paper work out – stuff thats needed doing since before May time now totally upto date which i’m pleased about – Somehow organised so that me and others can understand it instead of the Random stuff pile.

I do seem to have a lot of domain names and they are all over different registrars – I think after the count, there was over 70 of them bought on behalf of different companies and all but still, I think thats a lot of names to manage over a year.

Sunday I felt very content with the world, it all seemed fair and was calm – I felt the need to do something and then found “the box of papers” – The “Box” is where every Bill, Reciept, Invoice, Statement, payslips, and random piece of note paper of ideas or check lists have fallen into and are awaiting sorting for the past year.

I finally got round to sorting them and around 9 hours later and several strange films, many disney based and Random UKTV Channels I got through it all but ran out of folders. I now have the majority sorted and somehow do still have ALL my payslips from my jobs. I’ve found I have Every credit card invoice since December 1997 and bank statements going way further than that round 1991 so the sort took a while.

I want to make an Emergencies file – somewhere that I can get everything from Insurances, to contact details with all details there and then ready for use… Its currently just an idea but maybe I’ll get there sometime.