Belief, Reality Shaped?

I think that reality is shaped by belief and in what you learn. I believe that everything in some way was created and did not just appear into existance.

I believe we all can make a difference even if to just one person and I believe that if you ho for something the best you can you will in your heart acheive something great.

What Dimension, Layer or reality

Is what I see Really there or here, in a splash or spray of water/dust – Is it a creature running by? In the corner of the eye I can see things there sometimes, moving around like a small animal or shadow.

I’m the only one there but feeling as though more is there. As though this is not the only real world but a second one that overlays another one. We only see this one but sometimes the occasional glimpse allows us to see through to the other place and for a moment things are a little clearer.

I could say that our world is like a combination of many layers and dimenstions and not all are seen at any point. Reality is just one place as is Time, Spirit, Soul and substance.

Back to Normality

Back to Normality or sort of anyway. Over the past week my body has been on a different Time Zone – Getting up was no earlier than Midday & Bed time or at least sleep time not until after 7am – Just Slightly out.

I’ve been out to a friends place tonight – Drinks, Games, Music, Friendship, and laughter in one good night not forgetting the cooking and eating of curry.

Late on after drinks and food, and the hours coming past 1.30am we got a little bored and started typing our names [or usernames] and random words into google and clicking “I Feel Lucky” – It was supprising how many sites that had our details on.

Maybe tommorrow I’ll have a normal Body clock again since bed time is nearer 3am than 7am but we do have snow outside which is a refreshing change.

Little Monsters

I’ve had a good day today, A time with differnt groups of friends – Good Food, entertainment, and friendship. I seem to get on with the kids which is great fun… I call kids little monsters because they seem to run round and cause havoc everywhere… and with me that seems their aim.

From what i’ve noticed the TV is a great control method from super hyperactive kids to semi zombies entertained by the box of light and sound. An 18 month year old is different – The box only entertains for maybe minutes if not seconds before it runs round or jumps on you.

After the attack of the monsters I went to see other friends further up the road and chatted loads and chilled. I’ve had a good day so a good start to the year for me 🙂

Attacker Cars – Happy New Year

Its New Year and I chose not to drink but to drive to a friends instead. The night was good, I was attacked by little monsters [Kids] and a baby which was funny – The baby did not run out of energy. Food and friendship was all good and headed back home around 2:30am.

On the way back I had an uncomfortable drive back, there were taxi’s that were driving fine and normal but other drivers I’m sure had been drinking and driving – No police seen anywhere at all.

I had one car zoom up, pull out just before hitting me and then while passing deciding they wanted the lane I was in and moving in and out of it. I had to brake to slow down, they did the same and contiuned. I slowed down more – I got several unwelcomed jestures and laughter from the driver and pasengers who then speeded off cut off a taxi and took the road off.

Within 5 minutes further down, Another car came up Full beam headlights – normally blinding light – Speeded up to me and stuck behind me close – very disconcerting… I took my junction and they did the same as the other car [differnt coloured cars] and swung into my lane before shooting off further down the road I came off.

Thankfully that was the last of it, but it didn’t feel nice, not a great start to things but we must go on.

Ending to say Happy New Year to all, Even the people who wanted to cut me off for their entertainment.