Attacker Cars – Happy New Year

Its New Year and I chose not to drink but to drive to a friends instead. The night was good, I was attacked by little monsters [Kids] and a baby which was funny – The baby did not run out of energy. Food and friendship was all good and headed back home around 2:30am.

On the way back I had an uncomfortable drive back, there were taxi’s that were driving fine and normal but other drivers I’m sure had been drinking and driving – No police seen anywhere at all.

I had one car zoom up, pull out just before hitting me and then while passing deciding they wanted the lane I was in and moving in and out of it. I had to brake to slow down, they did the same and contiuned. I slowed down more – I got several unwelcomed jestures and laughter from the driver and pasengers who then speeded off cut off a taxi and took the road off.

Within 5 minutes further down, Another car came up Full beam headlights – normally blinding light – Speeded up to me and stuck behind me close – very disconcerting… I took my junction and they did the same as the other car [differnt coloured cars] and swung into my lane before shooting off further down the road I came off.

Thankfully that was the last of it, but it didn’t feel nice, not a great start to things but we must go on.

Ending to say Happy New Year to all, Even the people who wanted to cut me off for their entertainment.