Trapped between world, the dreamy awake.

Trapped between worlds – the awake and the dream world.

Today I thought Id forgotten something quite important, that something that could be comprimised if in fact it wasn’t sorted. I jumped up and started up things – I was out and around the area getting on with things and then my eyes saw something different.

I was in two worlds, the real world and this what was dream world and could see both at the same time, the real world was a lot foggier / lighter like an overlay and time was running a lot slower.

It was then i realised things were not as they seemed, and i was seeing outside of where I was. Nothing made sense but in a dream, what really does?

In the end I woke up. I’d been sleep actioning – I’d somehow written some emails I don’t remember writting but needed to do for a while aswell as re-organised some stuff in the room I was sitting in.

The sites of two worlds into one seemed to allow me to get things that were in my sub-consious mind but couldn’t be done in the real world done. I can now say honestly that I can do things in my sleep – but its a new one to me.
Foggy Walk