A Bike! Thats what I need.

I think I’ll get a bike – As many know I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in life over the last year and trying to figure things out a bit – I’m nowhere near the end of that path but would like to know where else I can go.

I remember back a few years, going out with friends in countryside and when my hayfever wasn’t so bad it was glorious all the nature around us – I really loved those days. Running through random places through the grass, and the trees – climbing, and tumbling down hills and just being happy with everything around us.

I like the idea of a bike, it will get me fitter, and give me a freedom that doesn’t involve the car. Its all great having a car, but its expensive to run and thats something I want to cut down on but I don’t want to stop meeting up with people so cycling could be an answer.

I’ve been looking at various memberships of groups like National Trust, Youth Hostals for cheap but great events that will brighten life up. I think it work out round £70 per year for the memberships then you get to and into places a lot cheaper in general or free. But there is always the travel issue and we come back to the bike idea.

I know some other friends have them too but never go out – maybe this will help motivate us to go out together and have fun times and enjoy something thats good for the environment and good for us all.