Harvest – To be a part?

I question myself as to should I do harvest this year – a question I often ask but have always said yes.

It’s a place outside of the norm where the majority believe in God and great friendships are made. A place I can forget about life for a week and be who I want to be without the world getting in the way.

It’s the time of year for the application form to fill in and return. I want to apply but don’t know if I should. I have so many questions this year about what is real and what have I been conditioned to believe that I don’t know if I could be a useful exaple to the others there.

Sure i’d get something out of it – like the friendships and the energies (feelings) would be great but its all self gain and it shouldn’t be like that.

This year its all change for harvest – different dates, new location – maybe it’s my turn to stop even thour I know so many friends will be there and i’ll get a whole week with them. I don’t know, I hope i;ll have some answers or at least some questions by then.

We’ll see what happens.