How do we look at life, is it what has happened or what could happen.

How do we look at life, is it what has happened or what could happen.
The past, or the future or even just now? I’ve been living in the
past, re-living old memories and not really making any new ones.

I want to try new things, and meet lots of new friends. I’d say I have
a variety of good friends already but I don’t think there can be too
many friends.

Searching for a passion to do and spend my time. To stop worrying
about what can get me down and get out and do something. I’ve wanted
to learn dance, Its always amazed me how people can do such great
movements with just their body – the entertain, entice and enjoy. I’m
currently looking into Ball Room, and Salsa dance style – Not sure how
it will work out but should be fun to see.

Beleifs and the way people live by have interested me – What is it
that makes someone tick? Why do they believe that and do they practice
what they believe. I’ve been brought up in the Christian belief and do
call myself a Christian as thats what I believe but do love to hear
others views of belief aswell and why thats what they believe even if
I do think they are wrong.

So, that dance thing – looks interesting… Lets see how it goes – I think it will be a lot of fun so I’ll give it a go and see how it all turns out… so if you can’t get me on a night, maybe i’m out dancing the night away.