Danced It

So I tried it, and I’m loving it – Not sure if i’m really doing any good but its a lot of fun. I try to do Ball Room dancing of sorts which is very interesting, extreamly confusing and I’m only in the Absolute beginners class…

I went alone, arrived first week to realise everyone else was in couples – always something to worry about, I did ask if it was a couples only thing or not and was told it would be fine on my own… That was interesting if a little off putting however it was kewl as I got put with the female dance teacher who has helped me a lot over the several weeks I’ve been there.

The course is over 10 weeks in total, or 13 if you include all the breaks with bank holidays in place. There is a variety of dances we’ve been learning and the names all confuse me… I need to watch for a minute to see which one were doing before going for it… once doing it I think i’m doing ok – its a lot more energetic than I envisioned it but so much fun.

Something I considered doing for years but never really went for as wondered what people may think, now its another angle of life something totally different to anything else I’ve done and finding something new like that is just excellent.

I now think to myself and tell others that if there is something you want to try you should go for it, try it out – people may comment but does it really matter – if your happy and find something that gives you joy – why shouldn’t you do it… As long as your not harming others, you should go for it in my opinion.