Just 10 – Old Truths Changing Lives

Just 10 is a set of ten weeks about the 10 commandments in reverse order. Its running in gateshead on Tuesday nights and stockton at preston park on a wednesday night. I’ve been to the first 5 as an attendee and the second set I’m helping with the stewarding on the doors.

Website link: http://www.just10northeast.org.uk [opens new window]

Going to the event was good, the general running is:

  • 18:30 People start coming in
  • 19:30 Event starts
    • Sing time [worship]
    • Intro and an interview
    • Bit more singing
    • Talk
    • End with singing
  • 21:30 Event ends – People go home

Whole thing is around 2 hours long in reality and is informative and a nice look on things in a different way to how I’ve looked at them before.

Stewarding has been enjoyable too, I’ve made a lot of new friends in it from just mixing with people, talking and helping out. We’ve had mixed weather from boiling gorgeous sun to drenching pour down rain but still lots of people coming. Around 5,000 each week we’ve been told.

I’d like to see more people there but people don’t seem to come – I invite them but never seem to see them. I hope you come – Preston Park, Stockton, 19:30 start wednesdays Only on til 25th June now.

Video Intro about it all