The Camera [Fuji F100FD]

I’ve wanted a camera for a long time. One that was not part of a phone, one that I could easily take pictures with in whatever light I’m in and it work out whats best and just take the picture. I think i’ve found one now, it cost me around £150 but seems to do what I want it to do.

so far out of the pictures I’ve taken only about 3 have not came out and thats mainly been because I clicked the button at the wrong place and took nice pictures of the grass. I’ve taken around 60 so far so not too bad going.

The camera is a Fuji F100FD or something like that – its a 12MP camera – why I need an image that big I’m not really sure, but could capture something far away I guess. I’m not totally sure. I got the silver version – you could get black but I liked the shiney one more.

Fuji F100FD

A 512MB Card is not really enough to hold many pictures or video on it – it got around 70 pictures on the card but I did also have other files on there too so could have had more if i’d wiped the card first. I’ve ordered 3x 4GB cards and a few spare batteries for it. You can always guarantee you’ll run out of either space or power when it comes to camera so i try to be prepared.Pictures… Well I should get round to adding a picture gallery or something to here then I could show you.

I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of pictures of peoples lives of growing up and changes they are going through, I see quite a few groups of friends update pictures almost on a weekly basis and I think… Where are mine – I don’t really have any pictures of me doing anything.. I always thought there was pictures, but I seem to always be outside the focus…

Now, that can change, I can start to record a little of what life looks like and how it changes over time so I can see the changes and enjoy them in the future too.