Life from school times

Over the past few weeks I’ve been finding people I knew from school times. A lot has changed since then but then was 1995 so its not really such a suprise things have changed and actually I’m thankful they have.

At school I was always a very shy person, not wanting to really be noticed – just left to get on with things but had a small group of friends I got on with and still now after 13 years or so still get on and meet up regularly with.

I never even imagined at school that i’d go to university, college yes – that was what was expected but to get into uni and do a course I wanted too that I didn’t even consider an option when leaving school – How life changed and I’m so thank ful that is has.

Confidence has grown, friendships have been great. Education has helped and provided me a job I can enjoy with people I get on with.

I’ve connected over the last few weeks with lost friends, some from the tutor groups, some from friends of past and some I’ve met but never really knew more than what was said in passing.

Its been really good so far to see how people have changed – through their writings, their photos, their interests and contact. Thanks to all that have done that – some of you may be reading this now. 🙂

I’m really thankful to all who contact, to learn from our past can help us feel where we are – to see how far we’ve come or gone off the path that we felt we were on.