How long have you been on facebook?

I joined around late 2006 after a friend kept asking me to join but didn’t do anything about it more than having about 10 friends where we could share photos of events we helped out at and see what each other was up too.

When did it become popular? I’m not sure, I know mid 2007 some of my closest friends joined up and then found me on there. I thought it was just a good place of sharing pics, but it has grown a lot since then with the massive amount of games, application, and ways to prod and poke people.

I’ve found it a very useful thing of finding lost friends with nothing more than knowing who was friends of friends.. I think i’ve a list of over 200 on the friends list now, a lot more that the 6 months or so of only 10 people. Only now am I finding those from school that some are just joining some multy many months later than I have.

Its good, I like it but do have some concerns about it such as how you have to be careful exactly what you post on peoples profiles and share with the world… How much of it would you want your employer or even parents to see? And since its online, most of it will appear somehow in internet archives so anything down is down for ever.

How easy is it to take something back when you’ve posted that message on 200+ peoples profiles with one click with no option to retract… maybe its just paranoia but its something to think about.. What do you think?