Why did that happen?

I’ve cut some of this post from some email someone sent me just at a time when I was thinking – Why did that do that? I didn’t tell it to do that.. why is it happening…

Every event in our world has a seed. If life appears chaotic, random and disordered, it’s only because we cannot perceive the process of cause and effect at work. In other words, we see the tree, but not the seed.

This lack of perspective leads people to live under the illusion that things happen suddenly. They don’t. They can’t. Nothing occurs suddenly. An oak tree never just appears on our front lawn. A seed is always planted first.

If there is something in your life right now that you want to get rid of, you must first accept the principle that you, yes, you, planted the seed somewhere in your past. No matter how random the event appears to be there are no accidents in life. There is only order; cause and effect; action and reaction. I’m not talking about how the matrix film does but basically its the same

Can you imagine if you plant a positive seed by becoming accountable and taking responsibility for one thoughtless, selfish action you committed in the past. Can you imagine the difference life could be? I mean, really?

If I could think what it was that I did in the past that got me into this in the first place that would help but nevermind – i’m sure it’ll come to mind at some point.