A change of direction?

What is it that makes us live life, and what is living? Is it doing a job, dreaming of another existance, following your dream, finding a passion?

I am trying to work out what my dream for life is… I don’t know at the moment. I know I’m currently not doing what I really want to be doing. I am in a comfortable place – easy to allow life to keep going and me go nowhere.. But to exist.. thats all i’m doing – allowing life to pass me by while still working, living and being here.

What makes me really happy – Friendships make me happy, I love making friends happy by talking and being with them and supporting them but feel there is so much more out there.

I’ve always done IT stuff, its what I have the ability to do but is it what I want to be doing? not sure on that point anymore. I like the web development I do, making things appear from an idea into a world that many can see but would rather be out in the world helping in some way than say behind a screen typing away.

I’ve taken a few days out of the work world to sit, read, talk, and try to discover a little more about what makes me happy.