Peace within Dispair and Pain

A peace within some walls on an estate of dispair and pain. Driving around feeling unsafe, walking into a building of peace. Children from the estate coming in, joining with worship, singing and enjoying their time.

Small groups meeting, talking, listening to music – reflecting on what God has to do in the area.

Last night I went over to Hartlepool where I went to an event I saw advertised on Facebook. It was a small church with a vision to see people coming together. Things have not gone quite exactly as expected – it was thought that many from the church membership would come when infact it seems kids and people from the estate are coming which was not planned but welcomed.

I found out when I got there, that it was a church of some of my friends I’d lost contact with a while ago and they were the ones running it all. I met with them and made a lot of new friends at the same time.

It is currently just a small group of people meeting in a church on an evening [all the last week] coming to pray, and worship and listen to see what God has in store for them. Quite amazing to see, althou not many as yet its certainly a posative start that could change their world.

They are running for the next weekday nights aswell restarting Monday 30th June 2008 and a worship night on the saturday… Starts at 7:30pm.


Start at home & work outwards – Together we can do it all