Money and Work world

I must work, and earn lotsa money – to pay off all that I have and have had and want or may need in the future.

I work a general 5 day work week doing 2 jobs that both are OK, each for 20 hours a week totalling a 40 hour work week. I quite like both of my jobs but at the same time hope for more… Not just in money, but in acheivement and making a real difference to life and the people around me.

I look at all what I have and know that I’ve been blessed – I have a home, car, and all I need to survive. I have friends that support me, and work to help pay for it all.

I’ve never really ever opened up at work, they know that I am a Christian but I don’t think I yet show what that really is to them. I’ve always hidden whom I am to protect myself and not to be asked too many questions. Althou in reality, I want questions to be asked… I won’t know all the answers and will be challenged but thats part of the point of life.

No challenges, and easy does it gets boring over time if not quickly. Although a very comfortable existance, its not really living.

In this I am not saying I shouldn’t work, I think all people should work if they are able to do so – be that in helping others and earning money or volunteer work. Some people are in training, learning what they need and thats good too.