Headaches – No more hiding

The headaches have been going on for some time now. I used to think they were bad, I was wrong. I understand a version of the term “Mind Numbing” and almost wish the numbing of pain was what it meant.

It is more a knowing life continues but you must stop and pause while their is pain all over your head, around the eyes and over/in the ears and over the back of the head. Often like you’ve bumped your head somewhere but don’t remember. A queezy feeling as though something is holding your throat but not and put you off eating.

Closing eyes hurts and seems dizzy as thou I drank too much or mixed drinks and the room moves constantly. Nothing seems to cure it, Pausing and concentrating on quietness, just stopping calms and helps the pain subside for a little while.

I’ve found that Joy/Happyness can help. I’ve read that happyness and laughter can help increase endorphins and in turn pain relief – maybe thats why I like to try new fun things like Trampolining and dance.

I think i’ve always had headaches, at least for the past 5 to 10 years. I always have counted it as just headaches, but some people have suggested it a migrane. I can continue doing stuff, yet a lot slower but got to get through it all the same. I can hear things a lot louder, not voice sound but the background noises surounding us. Screens are brighter and I usually lower the contrast/brightness so I can continue on a PC or watch TV if I want too.

Pain Killers do nothing in reality. I’ve tried a combination of herbs and it seemed to work for a while. Now they make me feel queezy and sometimes sick – I stopped taking them, but now the pain is back so maybe it was working:

I continued the last 2 but they don’t seem to be the ones that actually stop the headaches. I read that the Echenacia helps immune system and the Ginkgo Biloba can help circulation to the limbs [so I can have warmer hands/feet]

I have found that if I take 1000mg Paracetamol and 400mg Ibuprofen – The pain will stop for around 60 to 90 minutes. I’ve used it to help me get to sleep, once asleep I rest until I awake and the pain returns.

I thought it time to write about it as now its starting to worry me. It seems to get worse and last longer and takes greater concentration to return to normality.

I thought maybe it was my eye sight, so had new glasses and wear them daily. I thought maybe dizzyness was from my ears, but doctors said I was fine. It stops just as suddenly as it starts – One minute everything is normal – then a sudden sharp pain runs through behind my eyes and back of head. Feeling of preasure within the skull and it begins – a Pulse every so often and then like a constant humm just being there every so often pulsing into too much and hurting.

People have started to notice me with the headaches. I used to be able to hide it well, but it catches me off guard so I can no longer hide it so I have stopped and started to talk about it.

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