Back asleep, Bounce!

I was nervous, and had anxiety before the exams for trampolining, its all over and now i’ve finally got somewhere… Passed the assistant coaching course for trampolining – its only level 1 but its a start.

Now I’m back to normal sleeping, well semi-normal. Once home on sunday, I was asleep before 8pm, and back rested at about 7am the next day for work… Didn’t feel a break for the weekend but feeling happy I got through it all.

I was really nervous, and even on the day unsure of what the result would be. It felt really odd to be getting examined while helping out, but now I’ve got something totally different to add to my CV – A little more diversity instead of living in the IT world without much sight of anything else.

So glad its all over, but to go further… that is a choice, but not something i’ll do right away – I want to make sure inself I know how to do things before going further. Althou I can do it – its good to have more confidence in what I’m doing so I can best look after the students.

Looking back around 2 to 3 years ago when I got given the idea of trampolining, I thought it would be quite easy and i’d be able to sumasault and do all these wonderful moves very easily. I never realised how much work was involved and how much exercise was truely involved.

I was completly unfit, and the more exercise I do the more I realise I am not fit althou think i’m getting better. Before I lasted about 2 mins max on the trampoline before out of breath, now I’m on for ages and hadn’t really thought about being out of breath which is a positive.

The idea of helping to coach was never even a thought, it was only earlier this year I wanted to be able to understand better what was meant by terms, and why coaches told you to do things a certain way so I started the course… The bonus was I could help out and build confidence althou I still find it quite a scary thought.

I nearly dropped out when I missed the first exam call, as had been working and not had time to get the hours training/learning in… but between october and november I did, and got lots more than the required 6 which was very helpful.

I’d recommend to people to try things that you want too. Before 3 years ago I thought i’d never do anything like this, but love it so much and feels great when you help people and can see that they’ve learned something new.

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