Christmas Parties [Staff & T+B]

I read in the news that people working in IT have the best parties at Christmas, well I’m the only one in IT where I work so that would be a small party of sorts.

Friday was the staff party for where I work, we went to a pub for a meal – lots of food, even more alchol – well wine… I think the table of 17 went through about 45 bottles of wine which was impressive in my eyes – especially when about 5 of us were driving so not drinking.

I thought stay for meal, and a drink – we’d be out round 9pm (started round 6:30pm) but turned out to be a really enjoyable night and we were there til closing time. Lots of happyness, joy, laughter and learning of people. Always entertaining when people drink and you dont.

I dropped a group of friend off, no point them getting a taxi they all live in the same general area. I drive as live about 20 minutes out of the area where I work. Most others were locals.


It was good to see people from T&B again – its been a while since me concentrating on work and trampolining to get through it all.

The party wasn’t particulary a party, more of a normal session of olden T&B but with a lot more cakes, and sweet stuff. It was very chilled and a good catch up. I enjoyed it.

Thanks to you all.

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