I’m getting worried about the family cat, he’s over 19 years old now and not too well. He is almost always wanting to sleep, or be fed, fussed or just heard. Recently he’s not eating much or drinking much, he has been on heart tablets for about 6 months now – they seemed to help a lot to start with and he was putting on weight but now he is loosing it again fast.

I find it difficult to imagine the cat not being around, althou I do not see him every day already. He is someone I see whenever I go to my parents place, and responds to moggy althou thats not his original given name.

19 years is a long time for a cat apparently to live, he used to be a very active cat now he’s a loud cat or asleep cat. I’ve spoken to people who say they have an old cat to find they are coming up 10 years – What does that make the moggy? I guess ancient and lucky.

He’s not looking too well anymore and not sure if he is a happy cat, he doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do – just follows us around and wants instant fuss all the time which most of us are willing to give – maybe why he keeps coming back for more. I don’t know if he’s going to last the week – He’s going to the vet in the next 24 hours, and hope some anti-biotics can fix him but with the heart problems too were really not sure… Its a poor moggy and we’ll really miss him, but rather him in peace than pain anytime.

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