Dodgy Shower

At present we have a dodgy shower at home, it will start to seem to get warmer and occasionally it will get warm but generally just when you accept its warm it decides to go Cooooollldd.

Its an old shower, think its from the 80’s or something – all in all its been good to me and no real problems before this. How do I get a shower fixed… I may need a new one, no idea of costs of plumbing it in or the cost of a shower… Its just one over the bath but to get showered at the moment can be a truelly refreshing event.

I tried the insurances you get with things like Homecare but they cover everything up to and not including the actual shower which is kinda useless… but nevermind i’ll need to keep looking.

Until then, I’m taking nice toasty hot showers at my parents – after the chilling ones in a morning thwy are very welcome.

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