Christmas is coming

Christmas is about here, well its coming in 13 days time, and am I organised… Of course not. I’ve sorted all the presents, still need to send the cards – writing them will be a good start and wrapping presents… Bought some selotape – its strange coming to wrap with nothing to stick together… kinda pointless unless you manage some interesting folding origami that actually stays closed but that makes it too easy for people to get in.

I need to sort out a food menu, i’ve got a load of drinks: alcholic and soft drinks but food is a necessity.. for at Christmas we all eat as much as possable or at least in my experience I always remember lots of food over Christmas.

I’ve to prepare Christmas dinner this year… I’m having friends over – one person is a vegitarian which slightly complicates things but otherwise all seems good. What is on a Christmas dinner – I know turkey, and veg and stuffing but need deserts aswell and so much to organise. I’ve not got a cake or christmas pudding yet but intend to have that too…

I think we’ll put up the decorations this weekend, if we can find them all that would be good. I was looking for window sticker snowflakes but not found them anywhere but ebay. Been told their in £Pound shops but not found any there yet.

I’d like to get a real wreath for the front and back door aswell, I can get them locally to add a little more spirit. I’m looking forward to the break over Christmas althou this year i miss half the bank holidays as wouldn’t be working a Thursday anyway but will be a good time I think.

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