Dancing Friendship

Last night was a fun night… A night of dancing fun.. I went to the Arc in stockton, for a night of salsa dancing, to try and relax and learn and have some fun at the same time… I’ve come to love the dancing as i do trampolining.

Salsa Dancing

The night started very slow, 7pm was the initial start and there was only 2 of us… Very nervously I was encouraged to dance, very anxiously I got up and didn’t do much, over time more people came. By 8:30pm there was a nice sized group – not a lot but nice sized. We got on very well…

People we’ve seen for the past 6 to 8 weeks, but never really gotten to know – dancing together, having drinks, talking and relaxing. I’m really glad I went although at around 7:30 that night I was quite unsure. As there was only a few of us, we got personal tuition in the dance – something I’m glad for… Many things I’ve struggled at for the past few weeks clicked and are a lot of fun.

The salsa social ended around 10:30 I think and we continued into town, very windy, quite cold and a little wet but we got to a pub quite quickly. Lotsa drinks and random dancing there too, chilling and chatting – great fun. Drinks didn’t seem to expensive and almost all of us won double drinks by guessing the toss of a coin – maybe why not so expensive.

It was a full moon last night, some say a night of power. I say it was a night of fun, laughter and great time of new friendships. I was unsure if alchol would help me relax.. I thought alchol amplified your feelings which in some senses it does but it also helped relax for me to dance and stop thinking about how to do things and just do it.

I tried meditation to memorise the feeling and memory of how to relax in dance subconciously – i’ve managged to learn things like that before but unsure as if it works – i’ll see tuesday when i’ve had no alchol – see if I can relax and do it so much easier. Should be interesting…. Saturday should be fun – its another social night of salsa and my brothers birthday so will be out til early or even late hours of the morning then.

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