30 Soon

If I look back in life to when I was little I saw my life in my late 20’s to the age of 30 quite differently. I thought that I would be married, probably with children in my own house working full time supporting family. I thought I could be running my own business with friends and all of us working well together earning enough to enjoy life. I would have travelled all over the world with friends and would never loose those friends from school but just get more and have lots of fun. I would work in IT of some sort but never knew what and would be happy.

A lot is different, for one major thing – there is no wife, and family. I do have the mortgage, and a job (although 2 part time jobs making one full time) and not in my own business althou its still a possability. I still have a few good friends from school time that I see most weeks and many new friends.

I’ve managed to do a lot more in life that I thought I could: Going to uni (never thought i’d get into college nevermind uni) and working, now trampolining and helping as assistant coach, i’ve ran for polotics, helped out in many campaigns, been involved in numerous events in the area and seen so much changes in life and made some awsome friends along the way. There is so much, I can’t explain it all.

Overall I’m quite happy in life, I have many great friends that support me and I can support. I have quite a diverse set of things I do from my work life in IT, and Web Development to the different leisure activities including Salsa Dance, Trampolining, Swimming, Cinema, and random Gardening in my little front garden.

I turn 30, on Friday the 13th February 2009 – No idea whats happening but I hope to go out with friends and have a good time. But I guess we’ll see what happens – all in all, I’m thankful for where I am – and believe its a lot to do with the amazing friends that I have so thanks 🙂