Its not really yesterday anymore…?

On a totally different note to what I often talk about althou often random and probably nothing anyone wants to read about.

Anyhow… I’ve had a mental block for a project I’ve been working on for myself. I wanted a shopping cart system kind of thing for my website with paypal accepted payments. I’d tried using several open source ones and well.. they say they give you the ability to customise but I could never figure out how to make things work the way I wanted so in the end decided best idea would be to try and make my own.

I’ve read through multiple websites online on how to do them, many of which seem to use each other and a templating engine named smarty – no good for me, but useful for other things.. I could see in my mind how I wanted it to work, but been unable to work out how to draw it or write it down.

That was until today… or yesterday… After looking at the close and seeing it pass 04:19am – its not really yesterday anymore. Anyhow started drawing it down and writing it up – I always forget how long it takes for doing forms in PHP right to blockout stuff like mysql Injection and XSS stuff… a pain but unless I want to loose a site i’ve just taken time to make its worth doing.

So now its started, and will hopefully be at least initially finished by friday. I can see that it could be good… when it works as expected. I’ve tried to set it up so you can have as many categories as you want and as many products as you like in each one but we’ll see what happens.