Amazing night of Salsa

One amazing night of Salsa I’ve had. I’ve danced with so many girls I’ve lost count. I’ve had so much fun I don’t exactly know how to explain it.

I always fancied dancing in different ways – its always amazed me watching people move so much like fluid through so many postures and enjoying it too. It looked easy but whenever I tried it rarely worked.

Salsa Dancing

I think i’ve always loved to dance, but was always afraid of what others may think. While at school we were to do country dancing, I always loved to do it but would never own up to it then. Until a few months back I wouldn’t do dance, althou I know it makes me happy. I didn;t see how much it makes me happy.

The turning point I think was around Harvest time when I tried to do street dance and althou not any good at it, I really enjoyed it and kept going for it.

One year back if I saw myself now doing what I do, I would not recognise myself. I am really pleased I chose to stop waiting for others to join me and go for it. I started on my own, and now have made a lot of new friends there. Still a begginer but enjoying it so much.