Good Christmas

I’ve had a great Christmas break – 4 days long weekend from work. Started by picking friend up from the town centre, finished by dropping them off at the train station.

This year was different to every other year… this year I was cooking dinner, and friends came over to stay for a few days. A good, generally relaxing and very enjoyable time chilling out, playing games, talking, cooking and eating. We all managed to see family and althou dinner was late on (next time much earlier in the day) it was enjoyable and afterwards we chilled watching movies.

I got a lot of stuff, much of what I was not expecting and is really good and will be useful to me. Many cook books on topics i like aswell as clothing, dvds and other stuff. All in all, i’ve been very fortunate and had great friends to enjoy the Christmas festivities with.

Not saying much more than I hope your all having an amazing Christmas time, and wish you all a Happy New Year for 2009.