Hidden Light, Darkness Prevails.

In my dream I saw a lot of friends from past times, getting on a stage with a group I recognised from church events. They started to dance, many were doing trance dance moves in motion with the music and beat that came on.

We were in a big hall, lots of people and myself – the hall was on a slant, getting steeper the further back you went. At first I kept falling forward until I got my grip.

After some time the slant was gone and we were all just watching, in a kind of silence where we could hear what was happening on stage but everything else was silent.

We watched and the dancing continued. It seemed amazing, then the stage lights went off… the music continued althou a lot quieter, and a voice came on asking the audience what was happening, could we still see the dance, could we still see the joy and happyness – we couldn’t.

We couldn’t see because we no longer saw the light, no-one was allowing us to see what was happening. We were blinded from what we could have and could get – If felt so wrong and that we were cheated, all because we couldn’t see with the darkness.

It got me thinking within the dream and now in the real world that we all have the choice for Joy and happyness if we have a light shining in our lives. But so often we cover it with reasons of why not to show it.

Its still a part of us, and makes us amazingly happy and when people do see it they often get happy too and want to see and have it for themselves but instead we either want it just for us or dont want to be embarrased – don’t want to be singled out, or riddiculed.

We are so ready to get hurt we never see what benefit it could be to others and how it could so amazingly shine through them.

So I say, “Let your light shine, and don’t cover it up” – You could multiply it so many many others can also be in joy and happyness too.