Everything stopped

I’ve managed to allow everything to stop for a few days to try and relax and see what else can be done.

Its strange to not have anything planned – No dancing, no work, no trampolining, no events, no work, nobody to meet and no play – just stop and think.

While stopped I start looking, I see that life is full of stuff I probably don’t need but put there to fill in the time. I know there is always something I should be doing in some way or another but to stop and look at all that I am or could be reminds me of different things.

I see that I am not whom I thought I could be and see different ways that I can improve myself if I give it the time – be that in personality, fitness, finance, or happyness.

But to stop and look, I wonder what to do – Even stopped its as though there is so much to do, nothing planned yet so much to do… House work, garden work, fixing, tidying, organising, meeting people, talking, websites, work, research, fitness, health, and the list continues.

I have been very fortunate in life, I’ve always had people support me and still do but still I find it difficult and often make mistakes. I think its a good idea to stop every so often, and let the mind catch up so things start to make a little more sense again.