I am free without direction

While in my dream…
I hear people speak I do not want to hear. They are calling for my attention yet I ignore – I let it pass and they think I’ve not heard.

The air is smooth, and without direction yet I want to go out and freely roam the land. I think I can fly, and float above the earth. The air is like music, and I am floating across the rhythem.

Many make fun, and insult yet some watch and wonder. I am free to the world but don’t know where I should be. I can see so many ways to go, but afraid of what may happen.

I see someone take charge, and ask questions – I think to Encourage one another and suggest it as its writen down. I sit on a hill, there are many others confused also sitting down looking for guidance.

We are watching and listening, all together waiting to see what we should do next. I dont know whats going to happen, I do not understand.

Is this a life I am living, can I not see something I should be doing?

I want to return to the dream – When it makes sense and I feel more like me than anywhere else. Whats next I wonder – I am so confused.