Looking back, Forward is now.

Its been a while since I’ve updated this, and its only every so often that I get around to doing so. Not particularaly when I have time, usually when I don’t have time I think the most to write.

Ever since I got some encouraging comments that people enjoyed what I wrote, and that they were reading it to see how I was doing and what I am up too, I stopped writing. I couldn’t think what to write, how to write the thoughts and explain myself.

Upon looking back it was kinda stupid as I wouldn’t have got those comments if people were not reading…

So here I am again, thinking outloud… A start that I hope to keep going. Maybe february will be more interesting… We’ll See.

One thought on “Looking back, Forward is now.

  1. yeah finally an update in the world of Fschoo ….i love reading your blogs and learning more about you
    please continue

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