Why.. Do people keep using unsecured wireless networks…

I want to connect to the internet. I power on our network and click connect to network on the laptop – I see a list of networks.. Mine is at the top. Its encrypted and connects fine.

I look at the list and see around 12 other networks in range of my laptop and at least one of them is unencrypted. Meaning by accident or intended people can connect and use their internet connection.

If you are paying for your internet connection, do you want others to just use it… I mean if you have a car, do you leave your keys in it to allow anyone to take a drive whenever?

Its easy to encrypt and usually you get a free guide on how to do it on or in the box the router comes with. Maybe routers should be force encrypted to help people setup – I know some are – but a lot are not.

With an open network anyone can view your traffic. They can watch your MSN conversations, see what your viewing or just go to sites using your connection that could be illegal but tracks back to you as the recipient.

Just google how to do it – you’ll be suprised at how many people will simply help you get more secure.

Run Run Run

Something I’d like to do is the Great North Run. So far I can only run for about 3 minutes and don’t have good footwear for that nevermind the several hours needed to run.

Its apparently around 13 Miles or just over.. thats about 21Km – I’ve no idea how long it would take me – At present I probably wouldn’t finish unless I just walked the whole thing.

I have about 200 or so days [about 6 months ish] to get a lot fitter and be able to run that far. I think its a posability. I’ve signed up to a few sites that help with ideas for training and IF I am good in about 3 months time (June/July) I’ll be looking for sponsership and stick up one of those Just giving pages. Hope you’ll Help me out 🙂

My current fitness isn’t brilliant, but I am active – I like the trampolining, and salsa dance and have started going to the gym and play on wii fit too.

I have a lot to do on this and not a lot of time but for a change I have something to aim for instead of “just get fitter” I have an event to go for assuming I can get entry and that I can actually do it.

But I think its something that can be done so will go for it.

Fitness – Past and Now

As many do for a new year they want to get fitter. I want to get fitter to help give myself more energy, flexability and motivation in what I can do. To see a change in myself and proove past beliefs that I can change and do things.

Several years back like in the 1990’s, I was in secondary school. I was no good at sports of almost any type.. I liked the swimming and the only ones I was any good at all at were Rounder/Softball and basketball. I was always one of the last chosen but tried to keep posative all the same.

I always thought it would be nice to be able to be good at sports but they didn’t really interest me. I’ve never enjoyed watching common sports like football or rugby. Basketball I enjoyed but was rarely on tv.

I used to try as best I could at the sports and actually enjoyed them but was never any good at them. To say I “sucked” at them was kinda a compliment.

Looking back: each year we were made to do country dancing – To move freely and as if magically to a time from past. Something I really did enjoy and wanted to do as much as possable but never allowed myself to be seen as liking it.

Althou I was one that I felt stood out as being different – I also wanted to be accepted as kinda normal at the same time. I don’t know if people saw me as different but I often felt like one of the kids that were watching what was happening rather than being in the action.

The fitness tests and the annoying bleep tests of running between two points.. How to stretch and touch your toes – I could never do it. I could reach to about my knees and then stopped.

Only a year or so (2007) ago I worked out how to touch my toes without hurting myself. Its strange how something so little felt like such an acomplishment.

About 3 years or so ago a friend invited me to go trampolining – I think as to see how funny and wrong it could go and I found something I once did from when I was little (Juniors school time late 1980’s) that I loved but lost how to do that I could do once again.

I’ve been learning to trampoline now for a while and still stuck on the basics but getting better at them. I’ve also completed the course and exam for assistant coaching for trampolining – That I could never have imagined even doing 5 years ago nevermind from when I was younger.

A few years ago around 2005 I wanted to try dancing. I wanted friends to go do it too – no one did. I put it off, something I now regret.

Last year (2008) I decided to go for it again – to try dancing of sort but what type to do? and who will go with me… Well… No one would go with me so went for it on my own with the thought of well.. No one will know me so if it all goes wrong… nevermind.

I’ve made a lot of friends since then. I initially tried ball room dance, something I don’t remember much of. Then I tried Salsa Dance and thats something I’m really loving. There are lots of opertunites to try it and lots of advice on how to get better. Very enjoyable, fast and does improve my balance, co-ordination and fitness.

So there is a lot more that I can do… Running… The Gym, Swimming – who knows – guess we’ll see.

Dream Logic

Is it dream logic actually is true logic as it allows the possability of something else. It is not just what is by laws of science but by laws of life and the posability that anything can happen.

In a dream I can fly… its a freedom to move oneself up into the air and float and be free – to get away or meet together as one in the oxygen of nature.

I can shape my reality any way I need to, be it needing somewhere warm, cold, tall, small, inside, outside – where ever I want I can be as is needed.

It doesn’t count on the laws of science, but whatever the imagination allows. Memories re-shaped so you may visit the past, or even allow you to see a posable future..

See how decisions can affect a reality and change and retry using the logics that have been taught in life to predict a possability.

I’ve been told that not many people can remember their dreams, and can not control their content – They are part of the movie but in no way a director.

Food… What to eat

Over the past few weeks/months I’ve been worried about my health. I get bad headaches that i’ve been told are migranes, I feel unwell and energy just disappears.

I took some time out and started writing what I ate and when things happened… to find if there is a pattern between what I eat and headaches, or other feelings.

I discovered that what I eat is not good and althou I don’t have loads of junk food – I also do not have a very mixed diet when it comes to food types. I often have different flavourings of things but not the correct or even close to correct portions of types of foods.

I have a low amount of starchy foods in my diet or did until I really realised what they were doing. I’ve always loved vegitables and many meats particularly beef. But often missed the potatoes as thought them as boring and avoided them unless they were chips.

I’ve discovered different ways to cook them from friends suggestions, aswell as TV cook shows, books and the internet. I used to hate rice, unless mixed with a curry but quite like these rice noodles which are just as good.

I was low on energy and still am as not got the balance right yet but cutting down on sweets early in the day is helping overall.

I am having more regular meals – like taking food to work and having meals same time of day each day which seems to help reduce the tiredness and exhaustion I was feeling.

There does seem to be a balance issue. I’ve misunderstood much of what I read on foods previously and currently re-training myself the basics to get back on track.

So don’t think there is anything wrong with me. I just messed up on the things that helped with slow energy release – oops.

Were in a world where we expect things instantly… My energy was the same – a quick fix is a sugar filled drink or chocolate bar whereas some breakfast cerial can be fast but last so much longer.

30’s More and More

Last friday the 13th [feb 09] I turned 30, it was a good day and night and I see more and more friends getting closer to that day of their own.

Some this week, others next, more weeks and months ago and future. No one seems to be making a Big deal about it althou its a marker in life.

Since connecting on facebook with so many friends from school time and seeing that they too are turning 30 – so many of us that had lost contact now seeing a little glimpse of each other as we’ve changed and grown – How we now look, the types of job we do and families we’ve made.

So much has changed from the views of the early teens in the early 1990’s – Are we successful, are we still here. Has the world not blown itself up or we killed it off yet.

Are the things we do now changing the future – are we the same people we were then or have we changed, grown, shrunk, lost faith, gained confidence.

I always wanted to make one of those “time capsule” things – bury it in a garden and dig it up in the future to see if what we thought would happen does.

I’ve looked through past journals over the last year as I came across them – Glad I’ve taken up typing as my writing is awful. Often I feel the same things I felt then but the future or now the past as we see it is nothing like what I predicted.

I am glad to say I still have many good friends from that time, still that I keep in contact and many of them turning the mid sized 3-0 this year 🙂

But nothing new is flying, there is no peace on earth and people don’t always say the truth but its nice to see that not everywhere is the same and the earth does have so many different ways to do things.

Feeling it Happen

Some say a talent, some say instinct, some say a gift, some say lucky – I say Eerie and great… Often I can sense when someone is watching me/us or something is about to happen in a set area.

I can’t tell you what, just that something and if its a good or bad thing thats about to happen and usually a rough time ahead [No longer than 20 mins so far]

Its happened a lot over the years if I look back and its a strange feeling, an instinct of knowing yet in todays general reality is impossable. It doesn’t always happen – its on occasion not a normality so very hard to measure why it happens.

Am I measuring so many factors around me predicting the likely outcome, processing many actions and posabilities and deciding which is measurably likely to happen and if thats is the case can any future event be predicted?

Is it a fate… I kinda of well… because of this then that will happen and mixed together creates like a kind of pyramid of true and falses until at last you have the true – the future at the end of the calculation. Is it still a prediction if the only posability is one.

One night I remember writing down a calculation that made sense while partially asleep – I can recall it being the meaning of why for all and it made sense, it felt so peaceful seeing there was a plan, a bigger picture than just now.

Next day Upon reading when awoken it made no sense in the logic I understand and believe in – what I’ve been brought to see as truth shaping the reality that I live in.


There are many “Energies” in this world – there is the power of electricity but this is not what I mean when I speak of Energy.

I speak of Energy as the power in the universe – the actions that occur, the movement, beliefs and nature working hand in hand that surrounds us all without the knowledge of many.

There are many ways energy is explained in many religions… Some could say the Holy Spirit [Christian] is a type of energy. And when People pray they focus their energy to God to have something happen.

Gut Feeling?
The knowing of something is this way or that… a Direction – like a prod of direction that tells you that you are correct.

I will speak more on these thoughts over the next few months but at the moment leave it here.

Valentines Night

Is it speach of a singleton: Valentines is just a commercialisation to get us to spend money on other people for a particular day.

I’m not sure… its a day for “love” but in reality Life should be a time for “Love” not just one day in a year.

I always remember it as the day after my birthday. This year I went out to town… went for a night of salsa expecting a few others there – I knew some people going but didn’t expect many.

Salsa Dancing

The room was packed. It was due to finish by 11pm, it didn’t – we didn’t leave til 12:30ish, it started close to 8pm so a decent time 🙂

I had a fun time. I had a day of a mind block – I couldn’t remember any of the moves more than the first 4 moves we learned. I Know a lot more apparently but at that time, I couldn’t remember anything more – that didn’t help with confidence.

Some went on to other clubs, I headed back via a takeaway – There were many people arguing outside takeaways and night clubs… Laughter but no violence which was good not to see.

A nice safe journey back home, and many chats online with people still up for the night. Relaxed and enjoyed.


I love talking… It seems I never run out of things I can talk about… Its sometimes hard to get an opening but once open talk just keeps going.

I think its a great way to spend time… I do like doing things like going out, activities and even watching TV but sometimes its good to talk and listen and learn about whats happening to a friend or to many friends.

I often find it difficult talking to people althou loving to do so… If there are just the two of us, even if in a group – just the two of us talking then it seems easier but when others come into the kinda circle of space I become self conscious and stop… When they go again I continue – its a strange feeling but something i’ve noticed recently about myself.

T&B – Excellent time – Tea & Biscuits – a time to chill and chat over a cuppa and whats happened in life over since the last time we met. The funny stuff, the sad stuff, the wories and the blessings all shared through a mini community of friends.