A dream so real for the day ahead.

Today I thought I went to church… I remembered waking up, turning the alarm off, having breakfast and heading to church… As I got there I opened the door of the building seeing people there ready to welcome in as usual and then there was a clock by my bed side saying it was 12:30 – kinda annoying.

I had missed the day, church was on around 10.15 to 12:30 ish – I had seen from their website that there was someone I liked to listen and learn from but that didn’t happen. Many people in church seem to talk in a way that depresses or bores you with almost the same tone for so long in talking. I get distracted very easily and my mind wanders and stop listening.

I enjoy the speakers at events such as IXth hour as they keep the audience inticed, and interested. I seem to learn better too as my mind is stimulated rather than lulled to a sleep.

I often think that I should go to church, before it was something you had to do, not by choice.

A long time ago, I learned that its the people not the place – the church but still its nice to have somewhere to go that you know there is people meeting with the same goals, and beliefs if only for a few hours each week.

Maybe i’m not where I’m meant to be yet… I’ll get there eventually I think. I want somewhere lively, active, and looking forward instead of just the polotics of how to do things.

One thought on “A dream so real for the day ahead.

  1. nobody is truly where they are meant to be as we would all be perfect if that was the case, i agree some people who talk in church are so mind numbingly boring that they send you to sleep but as well it does help if you want to listen and are interested in what is being said.
    suggest you try a number of different churches to find out exactly what you are looking for

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