Fox in the Snow

As I settle down for the night, time coming up past 1am I get things ready for work tommorrow – the many layers, dinner, and putting keys out ready for a fast exit in the morning I ponder…

I look outside and see the snow… Lots and lots of snow… I looked out earlier and the paths were kinda white but you could still see the grass – Now there is no grass either just piles and piles of white snow.

Fox in Snow

There is a fox out there too… Running round on the grass, stopping and eating something but I don’t know what. I tried to get a picture – Not sure how its came out. There is snow falling, with wet windows and a camera that you cant use flash on cos of snow and blinding white I wonder if it will come out or that you can see whats there.

It looked good, I stopped and watched and listen to the weather as it patters on the window.. The knowledge that I’m warm inside and its so cold outside is kinda comforting and relaxing at the same time… Just hope the heating works in the morning.

So good night for now, and as thoughts come they will appear online 🙂

Thanks for Reading…