The Day I turned 30

Had a good start to the day, no sleep in but woke up generally refreshed and ready to go. Saw family and friends during the day and went out in the evening.

I got some interesting gifts, quite unique but liked. Wall art, flying monkey, clothing, electricals and some money.


The plan was Go out to a pub or few and have some drinks – head back to home and have some more drink and some food and chill out.

Well that was the plan… Not many people turned up – many called in ill or couldn’t make it. Some wanted us to pick them up to get there… Don’t know how they expected us to be getting there but nevermind. We don’t do Drink Driving – its just not a good idea.

A few came out and it was a small gathering but was good all the same. Some people seemed disapointed by turnout for me but I was happy – I had a very nice night.

We ended up staying out and staying in one pub.. We got some seating early on and watched as the rest of the place filled up but we kept our seating and had lots of drinks.

I didn’t get drunk. I got merry and kept there. I had several alcho-pop sweet drinks and several shots – cinamon and other flavours – they were very tasty.

I watched as many got drunk around me – and was strange to see – I don’t think I like to get drunk… Merry/Tipsy – yes – but drunk – no! There is no point.

I hear people say “I got plastered last night – it was great!” but then say they don’t remember it but think it was great – the story changes… But whats the point if you don’t remember it all?

At the end of the night… we went back to mine… and had a few drinks but it was only the few of us that went out originally. Many that said they were coming texted to say they were not anymore – oh well.. Nevermind.

I still hope to see people – I’ve not seen many in ages. I have been promised food for other times so that should be good 🙂

I had a good day and night and woke up the next day without any headache which to be honest was nice. I’ve had headaches a long time so the wake up with calmness was very nice.

I am thankful for those that turned up… You made it really good – thank you.


Cold. No snow, no rain, calm – so the snow was cleared and quite nice except cold 🙂