I love talking… It seems I never run out of things I can talk about… Its sometimes hard to get an opening but once open talk just keeps going.

I think its a great way to spend time… I do like doing things like going out, activities and even watching TV but sometimes its good to talk and listen and learn about whats happening to a friend or to many friends.

I often find it difficult talking to people althou loving to do so… If there are just the two of us, even if in a group – just the two of us talking then it seems easier but when others come into the kinda circle of space I become self conscious and stop… When they go again I continue – its a strange feeling but something i’ve noticed recently about myself.

T&B – Excellent time – Tea & Biscuits – a time to chill and chat over a cuppa and whats happened in life over since the last time we met. The funny stuff, the sad stuff, the wories and the blessings all shared through a mini community of friends.