Valentines Night

Is it speach of a singleton: Valentines is just a commercialisation to get us to spend money on other people for a particular day.

I’m not sure… its a day for “love” but in reality Life should be a time for “Love” not just one day in a year.

I always remember it as the day after my birthday. This year I went out to town… went for a night of salsa expecting a few others there – I knew some people going but didn’t expect many.

Salsa Dancing

The room was packed. It was due to finish by 11pm, it didn’t – we didn’t leave til 12:30ish, it started close to 8pm so a decent time 🙂

I had a fun time. I had a day of a mind block – I couldn’t remember any of the moves more than the first 4 moves we learned. I Know a lot more apparently but at that time, I couldn’t remember anything more – that didn’t help with confidence.

Some went on to other clubs, I headed back via a takeaway – There were many people arguing outside takeaways and night clubs… Laughter but no violence which was good not to see.

A nice safe journey back home, and many chats online with people still up for the night. Relaxed and enjoyed.