Feeling it Happen

Some say a talent, some say instinct, some say a gift, some say lucky – I say Eerie and great… Often I can sense when someone is watching me/us or something is about to happen in a set area.

I can’t tell you what, just that something and if its a good or bad thing thats about to happen and usually a rough time ahead [No longer than 20 mins so far]

Its happened a lot over the years if I look back and its a strange feeling, an instinct of knowing yet in todays general reality is impossable. It doesn’t always happen – its on occasion not a normality so very hard to measure why it happens.

Am I measuring so many factors around me predicting the likely outcome, processing many actions and posabilities and deciding which is measurably likely to happen and if thats is the case can any future event be predicted?

Is it a fate… I kinda of well… because of this then that will happen and mixed together creates like a kind of pyramid of true and falses until at last you have the true – the future at the end of the calculation. Is it still a prediction if the only posability is one.

One night I remember writing down a calculation that made sense while partially asleep – I can recall it being the meaning of why for all and it made sense, it felt so peaceful seeing there was a plan, a bigger picture than just now.

Next day Upon reading when awoken it made no sense in the logic I understand and believe in – what I’ve been brought to see as truth shaping the reality that I live in.