30’s More and More

Last friday the 13th [feb 09] I turned 30, it was a good day and night and I see more and more friends getting closer to that day of their own.

Some this week, others next, more weeks and months ago and future. No one seems to be making a Big deal about it althou its a marker in life.

Since connecting on facebook with so many friends from school time and seeing that they too are turning 30 – so many of us that had lost contact now seeing a little glimpse of each other as we’ve changed and grown – How we now look, the types of job we do and families we’ve made.

So much has changed from the views of the early teens in the early 1990’s – Are we successful, are we still here. Has the world not blown itself up or we killed it off yet.

Are the things we do now changing the future – are we the same people we were then or have we changed, grown, shrunk, lost faith, gained confidence.

I always wanted to make one of those “time capsule” things – bury it in a garden and dig it up in the future to see if what we thought would happen does.

I’ve looked through past journals over the last year as I came across them – Glad I’ve taken up typing as my writing is awful. Often I feel the same things I felt then but the future or now the past as we see it is nothing like what I predicted.

I am glad to say I still have many good friends from that time, still that I keep in contact and many of them turning the mid sized 3-0 this year 🙂

But nothing new is flying, there is no peace on earth and people don’t always say the truth but its nice to see that not everywhere is the same and the earth does have so many different ways to do things.