Dream Logic

Is it dream logic actually is true logic as it allows the possability of something else. It is not just what is by laws of science but by laws of life and the posability that anything can happen.

In a dream I can fly… its a freedom to move oneself up into the air and float and be free – to get away or meet together as one in the oxygen of nature.

I can shape my reality any way I need to, be it needing somewhere warm, cold, tall, small, inside, outside – where ever I want I can be as is needed.

It doesn’t count on the laws of science, but whatever the imagination allows. Memories re-shaped so you may visit the past, or even allow you to see a posable future..

See how decisions can affect a reality and change and retry using the logics that have been taught in life to predict a possability.

I’ve been told that not many people can remember their dreams, and can not control their content – They are part of the movie but in no way a director.