Fitness – Past and Now

As many do for a new year they want to get fitter. I want to get fitter to help give myself more energy, flexability and motivation in what I can do. To see a change in myself and proove past beliefs that I can change and do things.

Several years back like in the 1990’s, I was in secondary school. I was no good at sports of almost any type.. I liked the swimming and the only ones I was any good at all at were Rounder/Softball and basketball. I was always one of the last chosen but tried to keep posative all the same.

I always thought it would be nice to be able to be good at sports but they didn’t really interest me. I’ve never enjoyed watching common sports like football or rugby. Basketball I enjoyed but was rarely on tv.

I used to try as best I could at the sports and actually enjoyed them but was never any good at them. To say I “sucked” at them was kinda a compliment.

Looking back: each year we were made to do country dancing – To move freely and as if magically to a time from past. Something I really did enjoy and wanted to do as much as possable but never allowed myself to be seen as liking it.

Althou I was one that I felt stood out as being different – I also wanted to be accepted as kinda normal at the same time. I don’t know if people saw me as different but I often felt like one of the kids that were watching what was happening rather than being in the action.

The fitness tests and the annoying bleep tests of running between two points.. How to stretch and touch your toes – I could never do it. I could reach to about my knees and then stopped.

Only a year or so (2007) ago I worked out how to touch my toes without hurting myself. Its strange how something so little felt like such an acomplishment.

About 3 years or so ago a friend invited me to go trampolining – I think as to see how funny and wrong it could go and I found something I once did from when I was little (Juniors school time late 1980’s) that I loved but lost how to do that I could do once again.

I’ve been learning to trampoline now for a while and still stuck on the basics but getting better at them. I’ve also completed the course and exam for assistant coaching for trampolining – That I could never have imagined even doing 5 years ago nevermind from when I was younger.

A few years ago around 2005 I wanted to try dancing. I wanted friends to go do it too – no one did. I put it off, something I now regret.

Last year (2008) I decided to go for it again – to try dancing of sort but what type to do? and who will go with me… Well… No one would go with me so went for it on my own with the thought of well.. No one will know me so if it all goes wrong… nevermind.

I’ve made a lot of friends since then. I initially tried ball room dance, something I don’t remember much of. Then I tried Salsa Dance and thats something I’m really loving. There are lots of opertunites to try it and lots of advice on how to get better. Very enjoyable, fast and does improve my balance, co-ordination and fitness.

So there is a lot more that I can do… Running… The Gym, Swimming – who knows – guess we’ll see.