Run Run Run

Something I’d like to do is the Great North Run. So far I can only run for about 3 minutes and don’t have good footwear for that nevermind the several hours needed to run.

Its apparently around 13 Miles or just over.. thats about 21Km – I’ve no idea how long it would take me – At present I probably wouldn’t finish unless I just walked the whole thing.

I have about 200 or so days [about 6 months ish] to get a lot fitter and be able to run that far. I think its a posability. I’ve signed up to a few sites that help with ideas for training and IF I am good in about 3 months time (June/July) I’ll be looking for sponsership and stick up one of those Just giving pages. Hope you’ll Help me out 🙂

My current fitness isn’t brilliant, but I am active – I like the trampolining, and salsa dance and have started going to the gym and play on wii fit too.

I have a lot to do on this and not a lot of time but for a change I have something to aim for instead of “just get fitter” I have an event to go for assuming I can get entry and that I can actually do it.

But I think its something that can be done so will go for it.