Why.. Do people keep using unsecured wireless networks…

I want to connect to the internet. I power on our network and click connect to network on the laptop – I see a list of networks.. Mine is at the top. Its encrypted and connects fine.

I look at the list and see around 12 other networks in range of my laptop and at least one of them is unencrypted. Meaning by accident or intended people can connect and use their internet connection.

If you are paying for your internet connection, do you want others to just use it… I mean if you have a car, do you leave your keys in it to allow anyone to take a drive whenever?

Its easy to encrypt and usually you get a free guide on how to do it on or in the box the router comes with. Maybe routers should be force encrypted to help people setup – I know some are – but a lot are not.

With an open network anyone can view your traffic. They can watch your MSN conversations, see what your viewing or just go to sites using your connection that could be illegal but tracks back to you as the recipient.

Just google how to do it – you’ll be suprised at how many people will simply help you get more secure.