How many meals a day should you have?

I can remember when younger that you should have 3 to 4 meals a day to be “healthy” – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and possable supper… I like to be closer to 5 meals a day.

Since re-starting the 5 to 6 small meals a day aproach. I feel a lot more energetic and seem to metabolise more food. Tends to be more a spread out way of doing it but works well.

I try to always have breakfast (around 8am), Morning snack – Fruit usually (around 11am), lunch between 1 and 2pm, mid afternoon snack round 4, dinner around 6 to 7pm and snacks if out again.

I’ve realised that it sounds like a lot but instead of big portions I’m having lots of little ones. I think it gives the body time to metabolise what it needs at the time.

My overall view is its not the best idea for 3 to 4 big meals but to spread it out into smaller meals. seems to work for me.

Backing up

How often do you backup your PC? Ever? I know a lot of people that loose so much data from their PCs be it their documents, music or pictures or their entire system due to anything from a virus, and spyware to hardware failure or spilling something on the PC.

I dont really know the best way for backups but will explain how I’ve got some of mine setup. I’ve worked with the theory its better to have multiple copies of something than one.

Entire PC

I’ve 2 backup hard disks that i’ve backed my PC up to. I’ve done this using the program “symantec Ghost” which takes an image of the computer and stores it in a file.

If your PC dies, you can “restore” the PC to that days image with all programs and settings all there. Any new files including documents, new email will not appear to be there and should be backed up reguarly.

I tend to update the image once every 3 to 6 months. I keep the old ones, and usually delete the old ones when they are over 2 years old or replace the PC.


I back my documents up to an external Hard drive as well as to an offline location. I have my files copied to the external drive once a month and online generally once a week.

I use a program named “SyncBack Pro” – There is a freeware version aswell but is a lot slower but does the job.

I use hosting from Powweb as they give so much space and bandwidth to use and have provided a good service to me for several years. I’ve used their services since around 2000 where they offered about 300MB of space that over time has grown – last check it was closer to 300GB of space – I’ve used around 40GB of space with backups and websites.

Syncback can be setup to run in the background where it can backup any files changed on your PC to an online copy assuming you have an internet connection.

Backing up online is only really recommended if your on a fast broadband connection as upload speed is often limited – it is not the same as your download connection speed thats usually advertised.

• 320GB external Hard disk – around £ 70
• Syncback pro – Around £ 36 (Freeware version is free)
• Ghost – Around £40 (often cheaper if bought with anti-virus)
• Hosting = $140 for 2 years = £100 for 2 year (around £ 4.20 a month)

Totals ish:
• Initial Cost: £ 250 (including 2 years hosting)
• Continued costs (annual): £70 (hosting) [After initial 2 years]

Symantec Ghost
Sync Back
Powweb [hosting]
External Hard drive

Music to refresh the memory

Have you ever just listened to music and all feelings inside seem to stir – memories of past, and how things could be come to light.

I was just browsing on Spotify music to chill out too – I typed Meditate and in the first few songs were ones I’ve always liked but never really knew what they were called.

I laid back and listened and just felt a kind of peace, a posativity and power that roared within that so much more is possable.

Its something I needed, and was looking for but didn’t realise – A reminder of a passion lost.

Its strange that from a chill out song, there was so much power projected through it all.

I go through a lot of ups and downs in life, weekly changing goals of what I’d like to acheive but always do fall back to whom I have grown to be in some way.


I’ve been bugged to get a twitter feed by many friends but I don’t really see the point apart from sticking a status message every so often. I don’t see why people would be particulary interested althou several people do seem to have added my feed to there pages.

Is it a way to have a coversation to many over an insecure communication medium that anyone can read… probably…


Frequency Unheard

A friend send me a link to a site I actually wish he had not – Sounds i’ve heard places all over and I’d say “ow” but it doesn’t quite cover it. A high frequency sound that apparently if your over 25 shouldn’t be able to hear – makes me feel ill when I hear it.

LINK: The Teenager Sound Test

There is a lot of equipment that sends out these high tones, but at the moment some shops are putting them outside to stop “youths” hanging around – it hurts, maybe its a human rights issue.

Different equipment that makes these sounds: Lights, Computer monitors, TVs, security cameras among other things. Friends used to laugh when I said I could hear the lights but it actually hurts – right behind the eyes and back of head and often the feeling of sea sickness too.

I recall a few months back while I was helping deliver leaflets I heard one of these noise makers in someones garden… Took me a while to figure where it was coming from. Some people use them in gardens to keep animals out – I found it an annoyance and animals can usually hear a lot better – is this a case for animal cruilty?

Be glad if you can not hear them.

Career Change… Maybe

I’ve always done something with computers, I’ve always been able to work with them, learn how to fix and adapt quite quickly to what I’ve been needed to do.

I’ve tried the IT technician route fixing and maintaining things, programming, Web Development, graphics, encryption and want to try something new that will stretch me.

I’ve realised so much over the past few years that I can do a lot more than i’ve ever given myself credit for. I have so much more potential and i’ve not been tapping into it expect for set bursts where i’ll get loads done and then back to normal – I think I need to change that normal a little.

I’m looking into courses to become an electrician. Electric circuits and how things work, and can be fixed have interested me for a long time and at school I enjoyed it but was good with computers so followed that path. Now i’m looking back and wondering what else I was good at and trying that too.

I’ve looked for part time courses in my area but so far no luck, everywhere there is a course is at least an hours drive away from home. To work around my current employment seems difficult. I’ve seen some express courses where its around 3 months – 3 to 4 weeks full time and the rest part time.

So I guess partly IT based as in technology and electics but a change of direction.

The Banana

I’ve heard a few things about bananas and its use and supposive history. I’ve not researched it so what I say here is probably hearsay…

Is it an energy food or something that helps you rest… some ingredients give energy, others help you relax – it contains minerals, fits nicely in the hand and is easy to eat for young and old with its squishyness.

Is it a genetically made fruit? well in theory everything is but man made genetically over many centuries? I don’t know but its like a super fruit providing so much for people.

Random banana rant over…

Salsa Tuesdays

I’ve been going to a class on Tuesdays at The Arc for a few months now and been enjoying the classes. Over the last 2 months thou its felt I was learning nothing – I could see i’d done things a certain way but when asked I couldn’t do it.

Salsa Dancing

They’ve changed the style of teaching these last few weeks thou, and my learning has changed too – they seem to be doing it all a lot faster. I can see where a movement is going now instead of wondering how does this fit anywhere and its a lot easier.

I think its been too slow to learn. Now that I see where something fits together its a lot easier to learn… Just need to learn the names really to it all now 🙂

Spring Harvest

I got it.. I found out a few days ago that I can actually do the stewarding after all the references, CRB checks and appliactions that I can go for the week I wanted to help out.

It will be different to other events i’ve helped with – a lot bigger, it will be nice to see how its done there.

I think it will be quite enjoyable. I’ve been to spring harvest once before – it was with the CU years ago. I remember going into the place and thinking “WOW” to the size of it and soon after wanting to help and see what happens in the background and how it all works together.

Its taken about 5 years to get around to the application and after around 7 months of waiting for things to process I got the email confirmation to say I’ve got through and clicked the confirm attendance link.

Something different to look forward to and only a few weeks to go.

Contact Lenses

Over the last few years I’ve needed to start wearing glasses – first it was for using a computer screen and now its more just in general. It seems to help with balance as everythign stays on the same level (sight wise) – its not a strong prescription, but enough to make a difference.

I am a lot more active than I used to be, I enjoy a variety of sports and fitness things aswell as continue to work and go out with friends. I don’t put my full in in the sports at the moment as keep worrying that i’ll break the glasses and when I remove them all balance is gone so its just not a good idea. Hence Contact lenses idea.

I tried contacts twice before, once was a coloured pair before I needed glasses and that was just to make my eyes glow under UV light which for the event we were doing was great. The other was some time in 2004.

I’ve always had difficulty putting things in my eyes. It often takes a while to put eye drops in – bouncing off my nose into my eyes seems to work best so contact lenses where I acutally have to stick finger in eye should be interesting if possable. I think it will take a long time to be able to confidently do it.

Many friends have contacts now, and I look forward to when I can just put them in and enjoy the day without having glasses in the way and the freedom to try things I wouldn’t do because of fear.. Will I still have that excuse when the glasses are gone?

I’ve an appointment on Tuesday to help me with them. lets see how it goes.