Time Capsule

I’ve always wanted to capture a moment. To record what is my past and what my thoughts of the future would be and bury it in time to dig up later in life and read back.

What would I put into a “time capsule” and how would I store it. Origianally I thought to put it on a disk – can you remember 3″ Floppies? not 3.5″ 3″ ones… 178Kb of data that can now rarely be read. Then CDs, DVDs, What could read it in 20 years time? Paper may be the last option.

Maybe create a small device that can be packaged with instructions on paper how to power it to read the information bacK? like a mixture between a mobile blackberry device, with mirrors and magnifier to project to a large screen? or just a blackberry with plans to make a solar power cell to power it to view the data.

I don’t know – ideas to store asmuch information on as small a space as possable that can be understood in the future.

Photos, documents, objects – what would you put in? Would you describe what you have and what you use it for? the Types of music – examples of music you enjoy? Beliefs? How to power stuff? Tools?

There is so much you could record and your ideas – what could happen to the planet, to yourself, friends, government. When will the natural resources die out – were you right?

So much to think about nevermind the container for it all. I read in someplaces that you should vacume seal the container so it all stays as expected in the ground but I dunno in reality – its just another thing I’d like to do and it should be done soon really.