Dream Control

Ever wanted to be the director of your dreams? I have wanted to take control lots of times. To wonder if I can change the situation and remembering when I woke up that I wanted to change it but couldn’t.

I couldn’t change it then because I didn’t realise it was a dream. To actualy work out while asleep that I am asleep and the reality that while in my mind I can change the events that are happening – to re-shape the reality – That is an interesting dream/idea in itself.

I learned a long time ago that in dreams I could take control. I could change the physics of the world. Films like “The Matrix” reminded me of my dreams where I could fly when I wanted or stop something from happening.

I will tell you a way how I managed to remind myself I was in a dream but for you to take control and change the reality is all up to you. Its what I’ve used so far that I will explain – It may work for you – it may not but here goes:

1. Find a picture thats kinda normal with a distinctive marking. An example could be a Moon with a large smiley face on it.

2. Set an quite small alarm [like a beeper] for 2 hours into sleep – so if you in bed at 11, set for 1am.

3. Keep Photo/picture by alarm for you to turn off an look at.

4. Do this for around 10 consecutive days.

5. For the next 5 days, continue to set the alarm and switch off [Keep the photo if you want but you should remember it by now]

Your mind should be programmed subliminally now that 2 hours into sleep something will happen. You may initially wake up to turn alarm off or all going to plan you will see the image within your dream and realise as your mind has started to awaken that you are in a dream still and try and change things.

I’m not saying it will work, just that it seems to work for me. Enjoy!